Curling Game Clock

Custom Curling Time Clock

This is a highly customizable Time Clock that will automatically start and stop on a pre-set schedule. The software is written and provided by Phil Thompson. The hardware items are standard locally obtained devices.

Cost $100.00

Contact: Phil Thompson :

Software Features

  1. Display Shows

    1. Club Name (Customizable)

    2. Manual Start Stop Buttons

    3. Current Date and Time

    4. Time Left in Current Game

  2. Custom Sound Effects for Start and Stop (Wav Files)

  3. Schedule for 10 start times for each day of the week

  4. Separate Schedule for Bonspiels

  5. Each Time slot includes a start time (24Hr Format) and a duration time.

  6. Manual start

    1. Select 4,6, or 8 end games or

    2. Duration Time or

    3. Enter End Time

  7. No Charge to GCC

Software Warranty: Free repairs during first season, then  $20.00 each occurrence 

Proposed Hardware (Purchased by Club)

  1. 32” to 40” LED TV with PC Video Input $300.00

  2. Video Extender (Cat5) with 2 local monitor ports and 2 remote monitor ports $116.00 (StarTech VGA Video Extender Over Cat5 (ST121UTP))

  3. 200 Feet of cat5 cable $126.00/1000ft

  4. Audio Amplifier or Powered Speaker Set $50.00

  5. Laptop with wide screen (1386×768) $300.00



  1. Hardware Warranty – OEM from place of purchase

Screen Shots

GCC Running

Main Screen – Clock Running

GCC Stopped

Main Screen – Clock Stopped

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