Issues RE: Trailer Repairs – Intact Insurance

We have had our trailer insured with Intact Insurance(and predecessors) for over 22 years.  This year (2017) is the first time we have had to make a claim and we are very disappointed with the response to our claim


The trailer has been up for sale at Highland Pines Campground since the fall of 2015. Since is comprised of a 1991 Casa Villa and an H&H Deck and Florida Room (2011).  An inspection was done in the spring of 2016 and all deficiencies were promptly corrected. 

Closing procedures involved a thorough inspection and repair of all caulking around the outside of the trailer.

Fall of 2016 we had a verbal offer of $9,000 for the Deck/Florida room only, which we declined. A new Deck/Florida room would cost about $30,000

Mid April we had and updated offer of $13,500 for the whole package from the same client who intended to take the deck/ Florida Room and put the trailer on the sales lot for sale. We had another offer of $18,500 for the whole package to stay on site.

The inspection report was out of date, so Dave from Countryside RV was tasked with an additional inspection. This was done on 18 April 2017 and he found some major problems.

(On the 19 April we left for BC so most of the following was by cell phone)

(Extremely High Winds battered southern Ontario on 8 Mar 2017  causing severe damage in the region.)

  1. The Rear Tip Out
    1. small puncture in the siding, front outer corner (suggested windblown branch). Wood has gotten wet and pulled the rubber roof material out of the track and forcing the aluminum siding out of the track
    2. Several seams have opened up and need to be recaulked
    3. Inside of rear tip out floor is soaked from corner to corner
    4. Inside front outer corner is swollen
  2. Front Tip Out
    1. Rear outer corner is soft and damp
    2. Soft down back left corner
  3. Main Trailer
    1. Soft down back left corner

Intact Insurance was immediately notified through our agent and a claim started on 18 April 2017.

18 April – Jenifer from Intact insurance called and we discussed the issues. She said that someone from OnSite Restoration from Kitchener would be up have a look (Never Happened)

19 April – Mark from WINMAR restoration – Niagara called and again discussed the issues. He said he would be up to have a look. (Never Happened)

20 April – Silvio Resendes – Intact Insurance called and said he was now looking after my claim. and I sent him a copy of the Countryside RV  Inspection Report.

By this time my buyer at $18.500 has backed out and we have not been able to resolve the issues. Additionally the water inside the trailer has not been addressed and is causing more damage.

9 May- Back in Ontario and rattling chains.

Called Silvio Resendes for an update, advised him that I was going up on Friday to have a look and it would be appropriate to have the Insurance investigator there at the same time. He advised me that that were extremely busy with the recent wind damage was keeping his investigators busy.

I called my agent and expressed my dissatisfaction in the process and thought that more recent claims were taking precedence over mine.

Silvino called me back and assured me that claims were handled in the order received.

Called Silvio and advised him of calls from previous agents and that I was going up to the Trailer on Friday to have a look and I wanted to have an appraiser on site at that time

Silvio called me back and left a message that an appraiser would be assigned and Larry at Trailer sales would be advised of date

Larry called with an offer of 9,000 for whole package. Refused this and told Larry to advertise the Deck/Florida room at 14,900, and the n/c for trailer. If they want it repaired we will deal.

Call From Silvio Resendes: Said their contractors do estimates for buildings only not trailers. he passed the message on to his appraisal department that I was going up on Friday and would like to see an appraiser on site on Friday

10 May 2017 – Claim is 23 days old – No Adjuster has yet been up to look at the trailer

12 May 2017 – I arrived on site about 9:30am. Except for the back tipout the Trailer did not look nearly as bad as I was led to believe. Back tipout floor soaked under the carpet all the way accross and about two feet from the wall. Started thru the list and found the hole in the tipout roof  that caused the major problem. Went into town an bought a gadget to measure moisture content in wood. scale leds, 8%,10%,12% Green, 14%,16% Orange, 18%,20%,22% Red.

Got readings of 22% all around the rear tipout, ceiling to floor in the back right corner of the trailer, and front tipout, front corner

12 May 2017 – Appraiser arrived and inspected the trailer and asked Dave( Countryside RV)  to provide a quote to do a complete rebuild of only the rear tipout(Obvious external damage).  However, in discussion with Dave (Countryside RV) we discussed that the trailer (1991 vintage), with the extensive leaks in the main trailer and front tipout, is not really worth fixing, but we need to wait for the Insurance report.

18 May Called Dave – Countryside RV who advised me that he had submitted an estimate of 5,500.00 to rebuild the back tipout.

31 May Called Silvino Resendes – Intact – Advised me that he still did not have the estimate from Countryside RV and had left messages for Dave who was off with a death in the family. I advised Silvino

5 June Called Dave – Countryside RV – Appraiser gave Dave the wrong phone number. Dave finally sent estimate to appraiser on Tuesday May 30

5 June Called Silvino Resendes – Intact- He still does not have the Countryside RV Esitmate, Appraiser is off.

Now 7 weeks since the claim was submitted to Intact with no resolution