Baofeng UV-5R and Tyterra MD380 Accessory Compatibility

( This Page Still Under Development )

Accessories Compatibility

Programming Cable

– Radio Connectors are physically compatible
– Electrically NOT Compatible
– UV5R -Serial Interface is in the cable
– MD380 – Serial Interface is in the radio

GND – 2.5mm shield
RXD – 3.5mm shield
TXD – 2.5mm Ring

Gnd Black 2.5mm Sleeve
D+ Green 3.5mm tip
D- White 2.5mm ring

External Microphones and Headsets

– Radio Connectors are physically compatible
– Connections are electrically compatible, However:
– Devices designed for the UV5 do not have enough shielding for the MD380 and creat a helicopter type noise on transmit.

Gnd 2.5mm shield
PTT 3.5mm shield
mic 3.5 mm ring
spkr 2.5mm tip