DMR Marc Group Calls

Digital Contacts

This is the most dynamic part of the codeplug as here you find the radio ID aliases (Private Calls) and talkgroup numbers (Group Calls). As more folks get involved in DMR, more contacts are added to the list. You can add contacts too, not only new radio IDs, but also new talkgroups. So if one of your DMR repeaters starts carrying a new talkgroup, you can add that in here. The “Contact Name” is what appears on the screen, “Call Type” is “Private” for a radio ID and “Group” for a talkgroup, with “Call ID” being either the radio ID or talkgroup number.

Private Calls are currently not allowed by the Network Masters(Just because they can) on DMR MARC, but are allowed on the Brandmeister Network

Digital RX Group Call and Group List

These two work together to let you listen to more than one talkgroup at a time; here is how it works. Each channel can have a Group List. TalkGroup GHA TG8 TS1 is configured to use Group List called GHA

This Group List references a Digital RX Group Call which contains Group Calls from the Digital Contacts list. My Digital Rx Group named GHA has several talk Groups like GHA, CAN, Local1,Local2 and TAC310

The Digital RX Group Call gives us a way to monitor more than one talkgroup when you are on a channel. The practical result is similar to scanning the talkgroups listed in the Group List.

The Group List lets you will hear (and reply to) traffic on the Local and regional talkgroups for that repeater.